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ACIM, and the Thomas gospel, in the context of Western tradition. Multilingual support.
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The Course In Tongues is a Chapter of New York CitiWorks, Inc.

NYCW/The Course in Tongues is focused on the teaching of A Course in Miracles, sometimes in multiple languages, and translating important materials on the teachings of Jesus, mostly related to A Course in Miracles, but also including the work of Johan Willem Kaiser. One principal commitment is the completion of a project to translate the works of Johan Willem Kaiser from Dutch into English, which Rogier van Vlissingen undertook starting in 1987. In 2012 Rogier translated Margot Krikhaar's Awakening in Love (see with assistance through NYCW/TCIT.

Presently the primary workshop is held at the NY Theosophical Society, and a Sunday workshop in the Bronx is held at the Al-Iman Community Center in the Bronx. Rogier F. van Vlissingen leads the workshops.

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Other Workshops & Activities.

In 2008 we are hosting an exciting new workshop on "Undoing the Ego" with Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira, authors of Take Me To Truth.

In 2007 we hosted their first NY workshop which was a great success, and now in 2008, we are doing a 2-day intensive.

In November 2007, we hosted another workshop by Gary R. Renard, after organizing one also in the fall of 2006, at the time of the release of Your Immortal Reality.

In early 2008 we launched a fundraiser, based on giclée prints and lithographs of the painting Teach Only Love, by Sam Augustin (Sammo), a portrait of Jesus designed for the cover of Rogier's book Closing the Circle: Pursah's Gospel of Thomas, which appeared on Sept 2th of 2008 at O-Books.

The inspiration for the name for this effort came about serendipitously on Pentecost of 2006 in an "accidental" church visit at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Parkchester, when the obligatory passage from Acts, of the apostles speaking in tongues was read.

From there, with a little tongue in cheek, the name of "The Course in Tongues" seemed natural, emphasizing the multi-lingual orientation as well as the fact that it is always in the end only the Holy Spirit that can ensure communication, as no amount of linguistic skill suffices for people to understand each other, even if they speak the same language, as any Course student experiences regularly in workshops or study groups.

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